Working Theory Of Vacuum Glove Box

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Vacuum glove box as a precision equipment, the common theory is:

The vacuum glove box method is a laboratory equipment that fills a significant-purity inert fuel into a shut box and circulates and filters out energetic substances (both of those water and oxygen can get to under 1PPM) as a result of the purification program.

It is primarily composed of cupboard, rack, changeover cabin, gas purification program, PLC computerized management method, and many others.

It primarily removes O2, H2O and organic and natural gases.

Ideal for ultra-pure environment without water, oxygen and dust. These as: lithium-ion batteries and elements, semiconductors, super capacitors, particular lamps, laser welding, brazing, and so on.

For Etelux vacuum glove bins, we can do:

The glove box is made for closed circulation to save working expenses. Under regular problems, that is, a regular temperature of 20oC, a conventional atmospheric tension, an inert fuel source of ninety nine.999%, the water and oxygen indicators are all less than one ppm

The 304 stainless steel plate is employed for the box and the changeover cabin, and the entrance window is tempered glass, which is don-resistant and corrosion-resistant

Contact display screen PLC regulate, significant diploma of automation, can be recognized: computerized regulate of gas strain in the box, computerized cleansing of the ambiance in the box, automatic regeneration of purified materials, automatic recording of system procedure information, and many others.

Buyers can select a variety of accessories on the regular glove box according to real demands: h2o analyzer, oxygen analyzer, gloveboxes solvent adsorber, refrigerator high temperature heating product, laser welding equipment, etcetera.