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This being said, a few buddies of mine that go to bigger tournaments and SNG games at local casinos and even around the country now have a Black Camouflaged Poker Spade T-Shirt. They were Christmas presents I got them in 07' and as a little joke I even signed each one. Everyone got a kick out of it (there are eight of us). What is even more comical is the way people look at us as we make our way to games.

Maybe you're entering a design competition for the fame. Perhaps creating a design that has been turned into limited edition clothing, will help your spread your name around the fashion community and the T shirt community, so that you become more respected.

Name t shirt Let's take a look at screen printing. Screen printing is the method of developing an image on to a screen, most generally a nylon screen nowadays, and then placing ink through the screen on to a t shirt. This is the old school tried and true method that some purists think is the only way to go about making a cool t shirt. Well, it is a great method, but not nearly the only method available. Screen printing can be relatively expensive if you get a 4 color machine with the rotating arms that looks like a partially amputated octopus. You have to also have supplies on hand such as a dryer, ink, screens, and an assortment of different size and color of t shirts. This could set you back around $1500 for up front costs.

It reads, "This item has wolves on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I tried it on, that's when the magic happened. After checking to ensure that the shirt would properly cover my girth, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the shirt on and was immediately approached by women".

What you are using the T shirts for is going to affect how you design the T shirt. If you are looking to promote an event, then your primary concern is making sure that all the design elements draw everyone's attention to the event name. On the other hand, if you want a T shirt that you can sell when your band plays, then you are going to want to design the T shirt around being cool and interesting.

For now, I've just given some general pointers on being aware of the slight nuances between t-shirts. Look for my next blog to shine some light on the newest available summer clothing.

Choose a Quality Brand of Airbrush Paint. For most applications including airbrush t-shirts, clothing, illustration, and license plates the two most popular brands are Createx and Aqua Flow. Both have bright colors with good wash fastness. I personally prefer Aqua Flow because it is a bit thicker than Createx. Createx takes a bit longer to dry, and I have to be careful not to spider when painting on solid objects.