Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watch

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Aquaracer is a classic Tag Heuer collection: introduced over a quarter of a century ago, it gradually evolved, grew in material strength and durability, and amassed new qualities in both design and movement. Today it stands out as a line of versatile marine and dive watches, which function as reliable instruments on the deck, or https://bankmcgraw41.tumblr.com/post/189564647802/how-a-lot-do-tag-heuer-watches-price-weblog underwater. The Tag Aquaracer also has you looking good for any setting that requires a display of understated style.

The Aquaracer's frequent color scheme, a combination of light gray and brushed steel with a black dial, projects quiet inner strength. Enveloped in unique, incisive ruggedness it becomes characteristically masculine; Leonardo DiCaprio's focussed and steady face (he represents this collection) embodies these traits, making the blend appear effortless. The sheer clarity and purposefulness of design of the Tag Aquaracer distinguishes it as the watch that requires a similar standard of excellence.

Aquaracer Design

The grooves cutting through the dial and the bezel of the 500M Calibre 5 piece resemble those on automobile tires, evoking a sense of speed, screeching breaks, and danger - releasing the racer from the Aquaracer. Following, the vertical and the circular streaming of the same grooves brings out the water element. By seamlessly unifying flow and speed, this dial configuration implies a powerful, well-rounded, and highly effective marine watch - some would claim the perfect marine watch.

Most Aquaracers (a notable exception being some quartz variations) feature a monochrome logo: visual variety deliberately gives way to simplicity; when underwater, professional divers will be able to focus on the numerals and the indexes without distractions. Though it might not seem as such, altering the logo - the face of the brand - is not an easy decision. Tag Heuer made this bold move full speed ahead.

Aquaracer Movement

Tag Heuer balanced the Aquaracer design flexibility with that of the performance movements. This collection incorporates not only automatic and quartz calibers, but also a much more rare in the sphere of luxury watches ana-digi movement, in the Aquaracer Chronotimer.

Sport and dive timer aficionados will recognize this blend of classic watchmaking and advanced technology, as it appears in high-end Seiko and Casio developments as well. Many will appreciate the Swiss brand's willingness to rival the Japanese in this sphere.

In terms of complication, the majority of timepieces feature a chronograph and a simple date window, often accompanied by day of the week indicator.

Aquaracer Specs

Antireflective and scratch resistant sapphire crystal, coupled with luminescent indexes and hands, complete the safety spectrum by securing an extra edge in visibility. Finally, extension system for the steel bracelet (or the optional rubber strap) give the Aquaracer the necessary scope in grip and stability.

Despite all the subtle design adjustments, it's the specs that reveal the true nature of this Tag watch. The uni-directional rotating bezel, outfitted with studs to prevent finger slipping, the screw-down crown, and water resistance ranging from 300M - 500M. The Aquaracer Collection reigns as the premier swiss dive watch.