Glove Box Each Day Maintenance Manual

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1) Fill in the use record in time immediately after operating the vac glove box box, which includes "user, drinking water oxygen worth, what to do"

2) When replacing gasoline cylinders in the glove box, the pressure is set to the default price ± 3mbar

3) The daily doing work stress is established in accordance to the running comfort and ease. When not in use for a extended time, the strain is set to one-6mbar

4) On a regular basis test the don of the gloves, test the oil level of the vacuum pump (concerning the upstream and downstream markings), and incorporate the pump oil properly

five) Clean the drinking water probe the moment each and every 2 to three months to guarantee precise detection. (Also require to refer to the real situation of the ecosystem in unique user packing containers

six) If you generally use natural solvents in the glove box, it is proposed that you often exchange the organic and natural solvent adsorbent content, not later than one yr at the latest

7) Swap the filter aspect often, no later than two years

8) In accordance to the precise use of your glove box, choose to swap the vacuum pump oil cycle, this sort of as black and yellow pump oil, drinking water or additional natural and organic solvents in the pump oil. The oil substitution cycle need to not exceed 2 years at the hottest

9) If a substantial volume of organic solvent is inevitably exposed for the duration of the experiment, the cycle requires to be stopped for the experiment. Following the experiment, very first cleanse and then get started the cycle

10) When the atmosphere in the box is toxic or destructive gas, the exhaust port of the vacuum pump, the exhaust port of the regeneration fuel and the exhaust port of the cleansing valve need to be exhausted to the out of doors with an exhaust pipe (when exhaust is not allowed to be outdoor, the exhaust gasoline therapy have to be performed initially).