Apos;We Are Not Here For A Holiday ... We apos;re Here To Play At The World Cup apos;: Capello Hits Back After Terry Leads Revolt Plot

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'We are not here for a holiday ... we're here to play at the World Cup': Capello hits back after Terry leads player revolt plot By [/home/search.html?s=&authornamef=Daily+Mail+Reporter Daily Mail Reporter]
Updated: 09:15 BST, 22 June 2010

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Senior staff headed off showdown with manager
Players angry that Terry named drinkers after Algeria game
Capello may quit if England fail against SloveniaFA would expect him to go 'without compensation'Terry's a passionate character, says Lampard

England manager Fabio Capello hit back at mutinous players yesterday and reminded them just why they are in South Africa.

We are here to play at the World Cup and not for a holiday,' he said.

His comments came after telling the BBC that the team was united off the pitch and pushed aside reports of boredom and clashes with players.
Pressure cooker: England manager Fabio Capello takes training today at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Complex, in Rustenburg

He said: 'The spirit in the hotel and in training is fantastic, it's incredible.

'The players are training really well, they are smiling and they are playing together and everything is like the best moment of their life.'

Frank Lampard had earlier tried to paper over the cracks appearing in the England squad, saying that explosive comments by John Terry were the result of him being a 'passionate' person.

Terry had hinted in a press conference that the players were planning to confront the manager over team tactics, in a move dubbed the 'Cape Town Coup'.

But Lampard said yesterday: 'I understand what John Terry was saying because he's passionate like that, as a player as a person.'

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The meeting was just the manager dealing with the Algeria match and we moved on,' said Lampard at a press conference in Rustenburg as he promised a performance to be proud of on Wednesday.

'I don't think anyone wants to give too much away about what was said.

'Every person deals with things differently.

Some won't say much and others want to hit things head-on.

'But people want to see a reaction and people have said he [Terry] has said some positive things. We'll try to hit things head-on on the training ground.'

Lampard added: 'It seems to me the manager and [No 2] Franco Baldini have always been very approachable.'

Disappointment was in danger of descending into rancour and recriminations in the England camp today after an astonishing press conference from England defender John Terry.

Cooped up: Glen Johnson, Wayne Rooney, John Terry and David James at their team hotel.

Terry revealed that they all had a beer and a talk about tactics after the Algeria game on Friday night

Under stress: Peter Crouch, Terry and James board the team bus as Fabio Capello sits up front.

Capello has come under fire for treating the team 'like teenagers'

The former captain, who was stripped of the armband over a sex scandal, appeared to be leading some kind of coup against manager Fabio Capello yesterday as the post-mortem continued into England's abject 0-0 draw against Algeria.

Chelsea's Terry suggested that players were gearing up for a showdown with the Italian at a crisis team meeting that night.

He said that, after a beer and a talk among senior team-mates after their second bore draw of the World Cup campaign on Friday, players would force Capello to change his tactics and his disciplinarian treatment of the squad.

The Italian has banned WAGs and alcohol from their Rustenburg HQ and his refusal to name his team more than two hours in advance of a match is believed to be having a negative impact on the players.

But nobody expected Terry to go quite as far as he did talking to the Press.

‘If it upsets him [Capello] then I'm on the verge of just saying, "You know what? So what, I'm here to win it for England",' said Terry.

The players, he suggested, were going to rip up the Capello rule book.

Within a couple of hours of Terry's meeting came communication from within the England hotel.

The players were furious that he had dragged them into such a situation, especially revealing the names of players who had met on Friday night.

Disruptive element: Insiders say that Terry is still angry with Capello for stripping him of his cherished captain's armband over his affair with Vanessa Perroncel 
Calming influence: England's Frank Lampard tried to gloss over the differences in camp today, putting John Terry's actions down to his passionate character

Other than himself, Terry had named Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Aaron Lennon, David James, Peter Crouch, Glen Johnson, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard 'and probably a couple more'.

The men had allegedly insisted on breaking the booze ban in the wake of the 1-1 draw with the USA and the 0-0 against Algeria.

In the end, the team meeting was not the mutiny Terry had hinted at, and passed as Capello had originally planned - with a review of the Algeria game.


With our manager Fabio Capello on the brink of quitting if England do not qualify for the last 16, rumours of player unrest and two dire performances, it may seem as if things couldn't be worse.

But it will surely cheer up the English to hear that the French are having a far worse time of it.

Virtually out of the competition, after one defeat and a draw, the feuding French have sent home their striker, Nicolas Anelka.

The Chelsea star allegedly told the widely unpopular coach, Raymond Domenech, to 'Go f*** yourself, you son of a whore' at half-time during their shock defeat by Mexico.

In response, the sulking French players refused to train yesterday, while their fitness coach stormed home after a training ground row with the captain, Manchester United's Patrice Evra.

Terry had been intercepted by senior figures from the coaching and playing staff and told to abort his idea to confront Capello. Realising he did not have support, he responded accordingly.

Insiders say Terry is a disruptive element in the England team when it comes to Capello.

‘He is angry because he is not the captain,' an insider said.

Some observers see Terry's stance as attempted payback after he was stripped of the captaincy back in February over his affair with team-mate Wayne Bridge's former girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel.

Capello might have been spared a run-in with his star defender, but he will not escape a media savaging if England kombuchapedia.org fail to progress through the group stage with another poor performance against  Slovenia on Wednesday.

The 64-year-old Italian, who insists England's training and tactics will see them through, is rumoured to be thinking about quitting as manager if England fail to secure a place in the knockout stages.

With his players openly questioning his hard-line strategy, and a media poised to crucify him if he fails, insiders say Capello will resign rather than wait to be pushed  out of the job.

While the FA continues to publicly back the manager, senior officials are understood to expect him to part without compensation if England fail to progress beyond the group stage for the first time since 1958.

There is also an acceptance within Capello's management team that his position would be untenable should England fail to reach the knockout stages.

His strict approach was praised as a 'clear vision' before the World Cup but is now being seen as a heavy hand.

The ban on alcohol and wives and girlfriends had led to friction in the camp, and they have hardly been allowed to leave their remote hotel.

Sources say players are complaining about being locked up in their rooms  and treated like teenagers.

Despite all this, players did not adopt the French teams tactics and actually turned up for training this morning.

As the tension mounts ahead of the must-win Slovenia game on Wednesday, it seems the fans' view is clear.

Social networking websites are flooded with calls for Capello to relax his strict rules on drinking and WAGs and allow the boys to loosen up a bit.
Standby: Alex Curran says she will fly to South Africa if husband Steven Gerrard needs her support, and Coleen Rooney has said she wants to be by Wayne's side

It's a tactic that is certainly backed by the WAGs, with captain Steven Gerrard's wife Alex Curran saying she is ready to board the next plane if she was asked to be at the side of her husband.

She told the Daily Star: ' It's my job to lift him up and make him feel positive.

If Steven phoned me and told me to get to South Africa I'd be on the next plane out.'

Coleen Rooney and Abbey Clancy have also said that they would fly out to support their respective men Wayne Rooney and Peter Crouch.

Glen Johnson's wife Laura is already in South Africa, spotted watching the Algeria game on Friday, while Emil Heskey's girlfriend Chantelle Tagoe flew out with Heskey's parents before the World Cup began. 

However, the disruptive influence of the WAGs at the last World Cup in Germany quickly comes to mind and fans will hope the players manage to pull together in a time of near-crisis for the European heavyweights at the championships.

France are in a state of near-revolution after Nicolas Anelka's exit, the much-fancied Germans and Spanish are both nursing their wounds after shock defeats and even the Italians only managed a draw yesterday against the New Zealanders, who are considered also-rans before the tournament began.
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